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Khulna symbolic court Myanmar Army chief and Suchi execution

Rakhain’s Rohingya genocide, firing and torture for Khulna symbolic crowd court the execution of the judgment of effective have been in Myanmar state councilor Aung San Suu Kyi and the country’s Army chief min Aung. Friday (6 October) pm 5 pm 33 minutes of the city Shahid Hadith Park symbolic the court of the people the verdict effective is. Pm 3 pm to plaintiff-defense lawyers argument-argue presented and witnesses deposition at the end of the court to their execution of the judgment of declared.i

Of ago Islamic movement Bangladesh Khulna Metropolitan branch of the people’s court at the Hadith the Park. Judge panel was the Metropolitan President Maulana Muzzammil Haq, vice President of the finest said. Nasir Uddin and human rights activist advocate Mominul Islam.

Symbolic court Plaintiff party lawyer served G M Sajib Mullah, MA Hasib wholesaler, M. Nazmul Islam, said. Nasir Uddin, HM Junaid Mahamud, Mufti Abdur Rahman Miyagi and Abdullah the Noman. Accused on behalf of was Munshi Bashir Uddin, mainul Islam, the-Amin, Khaled Saifullah, said. Amirul Islam, advocate Abraham and Ychhak Faridi. The author served said. Hasanuzzaman. Witness was Mehdi Hasan Beach, rabiul Islam snow, shafiqul Islam, GM Kibria, the light of Alam Siddiqui, said. Abdus Salam, said. Farhad Mullah. Overall Helped was advocate Kamal Hossain.

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Khulna symbolic court Myanmar Army chief and Suchi execution