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The traditional boat race was held in Khulna

Khulna divisional boat race competition was held in Ruposhi Rupsa river of Khulna. The roar of the pistil-cassa-cymbals, in the heart of the heart of the heart of Phulat-Majhi Mall, hey ro haeo victory over the rupapara arrow This festival is the premiere of the festival. This competition has been held in Khulna for 12 years to keep the country’s lost heritage and glory. Therefore, around this day, the people of this region became one of the main Melon festivals. Since this year’s event is being celebrated as an era, many variations have been brought to the program. First place: Sonar tori, Kayra, 2nd place: Vai vai Jwalpori, Terokhada.

It was inaugurated today at the customs no. 1 in Rupsa river at 2pm on Saturday. At noon, the boat race contest started in custom no. 1 and ended at 5:30 pm in the afternoon. This competition was held in collaboration with Grameenphone’s patronage and district administration in Khulna city social and cultural center.

Two groups of people participating in the Rupsa River sank in the boat. This is a case of collapsing with each other. Competitors float in the meantime. The Marine Police rescued them. But no casualties have happened.

Prize: 32 teams participate in 3 groups in this year’s competition. Of these, 14 big ones from Korah, Paikgacha, Tekheda, Kalia, Narail and 10 small batch teams. The first prize is Tk 1 lakh in the big group, second prize of 60 thousand and third prize of 30 thousand taka. In the small group the first prize will be 50 thousand rupees, the second prize will be 30

A common man’s boat ride to see the tradition of the common man For this, millions of people gathered in the river and enjoying boat race. Children-teenagers, young people, people of all ages have come here to show boat race competition. Dancers’ boat in the Rupsa river flows to see the flocks. The general people are enjoying boat race competition by renting boats at the initiative of the person. They are excited and excited they have been mad.

Visitors visited the Selfe festival on both sides of the river. Visitors have been able to upload mobile cellphones simultaneously and post on Facebook and Twitter.

Visitors who visit the boat race in the Rupsa river are giving live video to Facebook on social media. Through those who could not go to the banks of the river, they can see boat race through Facebook.

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The traditional boat race was held in Khulna