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Israel issue: Pirs call tomorrow for the US Embassy’s Gheraway Huron

Islamist movement in the protest of the recognition of the capital of the illegal state of Israel, the first Qibla in the Baytul Mukaddas courtyard, decided to go public on the embassy of Bangladesh in Dhaka. In a statement issued to the media today, he said this.

It is said in the statement that a huge mass movement led by Syed Mohammad Rezaul, Amir Mufti of the movement, will be moving towards the US Embassy after gathering in the capital city’s Baitul Mukarram north gate at 10am on Monday. National and central leaders will address the huge gathering held under the leadership of Amir Mufti Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim of the Islamic Movement.

Syed Mohammad Rezaul Karim, Ameer mufti of the organization, organized a huge public gathering in front of the US embassy, ​​urging the people of all parts of the capital and party leaders and workers. The Muslim Ummah will not accept the acceptance of the capital of Israel illegally and illegitimate. . Also, various organizations’ leaders have called for separate statements to make successful conferences and large public gatherings in front of the US embassy.

Among the leaders are the Amir of the Islamic Unity Movement. Maulana Isa Shahedi and Dr. SM Sakhawat, Atiqul Islam of Bangladesh Muslim League, Secretary General of Bangladesh National Awami Party NAP. Golam Mustafa Bhuiyan, Dhaka Metropolitan South President Maulana Imtiaz Alam, Vice President Principal Maulana Sheikh Fazle Bari Masud, Director of Hadi Khankar Shahsufi Abdul Hannan Al Hadi, General Secretary of Islamic Workers Movement Muhammad Khalilur Rahman and others.

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Israel issue: Pirs call tomorrow for the US Embassy’s Gheraway Huron